Ingeborg Christophersen

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Scrap book

«Through technical profit, beautiful treatment of sound and strong communication skills, the first prize winner shows great virtuosity and has in addition a beautiful presence on stage. Traditionally her instrument has been regarded as a bit limited, but tonight these limits have definitively been exceeded.»

The jury (trumpet player Ole Edvard Antonsen, bandoneon player Per Arne Glorvigen and opera singer Eli Kristin Hansveen) about Ingeborg Christophersen, the winner of the competition Toneprisen 2009

”(...) Yes, what made the situation they create in the theatre trustworthy, was exactly Ingeborg Christophersen's professional recorder concert. She carried through in a professional and humoristic way and was greatly impressive in the theatrical situation. Ingeborg and her realistic concert was a condition for this play with reality (...)”

Extract from NRK's review of Salong

TV report from recording session with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, October 2013

Article in Amta about the Statoil classical music prize nomination, November 2013

NRK article "Toneprisvinnar spelar med KORK", October 2013

Clip 1 from a talkshow on Bangladeshi TV, December 2012 (low quality, recorded with a mobile phone)

Clip 2 from a talkshow on Bangladeshi TV, December 2012 (low quality, recorded with a mobile phone)

Portrait of Ingeborg Christophersen in LO-aktuelt, April 2012

Portrait in Musikkultur, March 2012

Interview with Nattergal in DittOslo, September 5 2011

Participating in the expert panel discussing Vivaldi's traverso concerto La Notte (RV 439) in NRK P2's programme Blindebukk (in Norwegian)

Review of The Seasons in NRK kultur og underholdning, September 26 2010

Article about the first prize winner in "Toneprisen", NRK October 24 2009

TV news report from the comeptition "Toneprisen"

TV recording with E. Krähmer's Rondeau Hongrois and an interview

Interview in the Norwegian P2's radio programme Kort og Klassisk

Interview in Eidsiva's magazine Strømninger, Toneprisen 2009

Portrait in Glåmdalen December 18 2009

Review of "Salong" in NRK kulturnyheter January 19 2009

"Blokkfløytegourmet" - Review of "Salong" in Morgenbladet January 23 2009

Article about "Salong" in Morgenbladet January 16 2009

Reiew of "Salong" in Aftenposten January 19 2009

Article about "Salong" in Aftenposten January 17 2009

Review of "Salong" in Klassekampen January 19 2009

Article about "Salong" in Klassekampen January 17 2009

Review of "Salong" in Dagbladet January 18 2009

About concert at Linderud Estate Aftenposten Aften 2008

Article about the TV show "Kjempesjansen", NRK, September 16 2006

Article about the National Championship for Young Musicians in Aftenposten November 20 2005

Adresseavisen, July 30 2004: Interview during Olavsfestdagene, Norway's largest music festival

About the National Championship for Young Musicians in Kulturtrøkk 2003

Portrait in Aftenposten Aften "Musician of the Year" 2003

News in Aftenposten "Musician of the Year" November 17 2003

Ånun Lund Rej minnefond in Aftenposten 2001